Early Learning Professional Development Mentorship Program

Through quality professional relationships with early learning owners, directors and educators, we hope to drive equity and close the mentoring gap in the industry of childcare in Miami-Dade County.

Program Mission

  • Minimizes barriers to obtaining knowledge and information about the childcare industry.
  • Provides an opportunity for mentees to receive guidance and support from individuals already established in the industry.
  • Empowers and encourages mentees to become agents of their own change and to accomplish their professional goals.

Program Outline

  • Empowering Youth Inc receives requests and referrals for mentoring opportunities with the childcare field in Miami-Dade County.
  • Empowering Youth Inc connects mentees and mentors together for the mentorship program
  • Empowering Youth Inc monitors and assesses the mentorship relationship through a 1- month, 2- month and 4-month survey.
  • Empowering Youth Inc provides a stipend for participation to mentees and mentors upon completion of the 4 month program.

Do you have a passion for mentoring and developing others?

Benefit from peer-to-peer collaboration and leadership.